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A common problem with 90º degree turns in sidewalks and walkways is that people will tend to step over the inside corner rather than walking the true path of the walkway.  This was the case at a local restaurant, and it was causing debris to be kicked out of the bed over time.  To solve this issue, we decided to add a hardscape easement which accommodates a more natural flow of traffic without compromising the appearance of the bed.

The existing straw mulch was raked back and the area dug out to prepare a crushed gravel bed.  Once level, pavers from Belgard were cut and installed.  This will allow traffic to cut the corner without disturbing the bed, and will reduce maintenance in the form of repetitive cleanup.


The final result is functional and much better looking than a second pour of concrete (which would be difficult to match in color).  The plantings remained undisturbed and were re-mulched for a nice finish.