Design & Installation

Attached Deck

Attached Decks

Extend your interior living space into the outdoors by attaching a deck to your home. Decks not only add function and convenience, they can bring out the beauty of your home by acting as an architectural accent.  Start simple and upgrade with a second tier, pergola, or built-in seating later on.

Detached Deck

Detached Decks

Placing decks at strategic points in the landscape will allow you to create distinct areas for outdoor living.  They can be ground-level or elevated, and they can feature built-in seating, lighting, planters, pergolas etc.  Platform decks are a great way to utilize sloped or soggy landscapes.

Deck Lighting


Lighting can add flair to your deck like nothing else can.  Today’s low-voltage LED systems offer an affordable array of colors and flush-mount solutions for new or existing decks.  Low-voltage systems also eliminate the need for expensive electrical services during installation.

Maintenance & Repair


Wash Deck 1


We offer cleaning services to select clients. We take pride in the landscapes we maintain, and we go the extra mile to help you prepare for parties, photo shoots, or other events.

Picture 064 Seal • Stain • Paint

Regular maintenance of your deck includes reapplication of paint, stains, and sealants. Maintaining the surface finish is vital to preserving the integrity of the wood. Paints and stains (solid & semi-transparent) can add splashes of color or highlight architectural details in your deck.