Design & Installation


Paths & Walkways

Paths & Walkways

Divide your landscape into distinct spaces, or just create a convenient path to your trash cans. We can lay out a path as functional or elaborate as your needs demand. We use a variety of masonry, stone, and architectural products in our walkway designs, and can even inlay patterns or other accents.

landscape terraces

Multi-level Terraces

Get the most out of a sloped lawn by creating level terraces. Terracing a landscape adds depth and the opportunity to define outdoor areas much like rooms in a house.

Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor Living Areas

Why not feel as comfortable in your back yard, as you do in your living room?  We can design and create an area that will allow your family to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  The design will compliment your landscape and the architecture of your home for a seamless look.

Driveway Accents

Accent Borders for Existing Drives, Walks, & Pool Aprons

Upgrade the appearance of your existing driveway or sidewalks by adding a decorative border. Border material can be inserted to increase square footage, or simply to add beauty. This can be a very cost-effective way to spruce up an aging installation.



Installing a patio is the first step to defining an outdoor living area.  Its design depends on how it will be used.  Connect multiple patios with walkways, or accent them with design elements such as a pergola or outdoor fireplace.

Fire Pit

Fire Pits

Nothing is more fun than standing around an open fire with friends and family.  A well designed fire pit will provide a safe and elegant place for you to build a fire, and to feel safe about it.  For a more convenient, lower maintenance pit, natural gas systems are available.

traditional-patio (1)

Outdoor Kitchens & Entertainment

We can turn your patio into an outdoor bar, kitchen, or pizzeria.  Our designs accommodate any outdoor appliance line, and we tailor the style to compliment the architecture of your home and existing landscape.  Customize your design with lighting and sound for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Stairs & Retaining Walls Retaining Walls & Embankment Stairs

Turn something functional into something striking!  Retaining walls can help you get the most out of your landscape by pushing back the edges of steep slopes.  Stairs that have been recessed into the slope itself help break up the appearance of large retaining walls, and provide an elegant way to access areas that would otherwise be unusable.

Hardscape Lighting


We can incorporate lighting into your new hardscape, or retro-fit into your existing installation. Today, LED lighting has allowed for a wide variety of low-voltage solutions that are color adjustable and easy on your electrical bill. Lighting can provide security benefits in addition to beautifying your outdoor areas.






All sanded masonry joints require maintenance due to erosion from weather and regular sweeping/blowing or pressure washing.  Even polymerized sand will loosen in North Carolina’s winter season due to the mechanics of the freeze/thaw cycle.  The best time to re-sand is right after pressure cleaning the surface, as most debris and foreign material will be removed.

Paver Sealing


Sealants are used to preserve the appearance of stained concrete pavers and other manufactured masonry products.  Sealed patios absorb less moisture, and require less frequent pressure cleaning. Sealant is applied only after the installation has been thoroughly cleaned and all debris has been removed.