Beds: Design, Mulch, and Pruning

Design & Installation

Raised Beds 2

Vegetable & Herb Gardens

Growing your own food can be functional as well as beautiful.  Allow us to tackle the job of establishing your garden, and you can simply enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of our labor!  We also offer continuing care and seasonal re-planting.


Decorative Beds

Ornamental Beds

(annuals, perennials, shrubs, &  other decorative species)

Accenting your lawn with various textures and colors of plants will increase its visual appeal and, if done thoughtfully, can help sustain the native species of birds and insects in the home’s local environment.  We can supply a wide range of native and decorative plant species, as well as accommodate a wide range of architectural styles.  We are equally comfortable with contemporary and classic landscape design.

Rock Garden

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens can serve multiple functions, and are an excellent, low-maintenance addition to any landscape.  They can serve to simply add texture to the existing landscape, or as a drainage plane in areas prone to moisture.  Rock gardens can be highly manicured, such as those found in Eastern monasteries, or serve an educational role, as a place for young children to display the minerals they collect.



Turn your landscape into a nightscape. Soft, concealed lighting can accent your trees, pond, sculptures or pathways with a warm glow that will heighten the beauty, usability and security of your property.

Maintenance Services

Planting beds Planting

From bulbs and ornamentals, to trees, shrubs, and vegetable gardens, we plant them all…and we do it with a plan.  Plants require different soil conditions, pH, sunlight, and temperature requirements. We strive to tailor the bed-soil to the needs of plants within them.  Consulting with experts is a high priority for us, as they help ensure we set your landscape up for success.

Mulch Mix Mulch

We offer a wide range of natural, color-processed, and synthetic mulch.  Planted beds need an active soil system above the root layer in order to replenish the nutrients the plants use to grow. Regular maintenance of the mulch bed will help maintain appearance, and suppress weeds, which reduces reliance on herbicides.  In addition to composting mulches, we also install IPEMA certified mulch (natural or synthetic) for children’s play areas.


Pruning & Weed Control

All plants require some level of care in order to maintain optimal appearance and health. This is achieved by pruning plants and shrubs for optimal growth and disease prevention.  Pruning for appearance can be a matter of taste, and we accommodate both shaped and natural pruning.   Removing weeds and invasive species from beds is also important, because they compete for nutrients, encourage fungal growth and attract pests.

Bed Edger

Bed Edging

Trenching the edge of beds gives them a nice, crisp definition from the surrounding terrain. String trimming is sufficient for continued maintenance, but trenching is very helpful when new beds are established.  It can also be performed every few years to stall encroaching ground-cover.

soil sample Soil Testing & Amendment

Before planting, we encourage soil tests to determine the proper amendments necessary for the establishment of healthy plants. These tests are performed by the NC State Cooperative Extension. Instead of intuition, we prefer to rely on evidence when amending soils. We also use localized application of fertilizers and micro-nutrients to minimize overuse and minimize costs.