Design & Installation

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French Drains

French drains allow water to infiltrate a gravel bed and gently flow into a pipe.  The pipe carries water from the problem area to a more desirable location.  They are very useful for drying out lawns that have become soggy and full of ground water.  These drains come in two different varieties: Open and encapsulated.  Open drains are sometimes referred to as “curtain drains” and they are excellent for catching surface water runoff and diverting it into the open gravel trench.  Encapsulated drains are hidden in the earth with a layer of sod or mulch over the top.  These drains are great for lawns and other areas where visible gravel is not desired.

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Decorative Outlet Spillways

A well constructed spillway is just as important as the drain itself.  Water flowing at higher speeds carries sediments and organic material away with it.  Slowing the flow of water prevents this from occurring and ensures that your lawn is not damaged during a heavy rain. We also take care to add grates or screens to all of our drains to prevent animals, insects, and debris from entering the open end.

Dry River


Adding a swale can greatly improve the drainage characteristics of your property.  Swales can be a simple trench lined with grass, or a “dry river” with decorative aggregates for the water to trickle through.  The benefit of a swale is that there is no pipe that can clog over time.  Simply use a leaf blower to keep leaves and organic debris from accumulating.  Combined with a footbridge, a swale can be an amazing addition to your landscape.

Level Spreader

Level Spreaders

Instead of moving water from point A to point B, level spreaders attempt to buffer water flow so that it can infiltrate into the soil.  This is a mandatory practice when dealing with large volumes of water flowing off-site. Level spreaders are not typically used in residential landscaping, but they are excellent for managing storm water runoff generated by a community of residences.  When visible, we strive to design these systems with a bit of flair.