2015-05-11 09.03.09

This home has had a number of recent upgrades, including a new walkway leading from the pool apron, around to the side-entry gate. In addition to providing a walkable surface, the path needed to accommodate a lawn tractor entering from the side gate.  Drainage was also a concern as the slope of the nearby terrain channels water away from the pool-apron and down the nearby hill.  Because of this, the path was designed to follow the existing grade and is permeable to facilitate infiltration.

2015-02-23 09.59.47

Site Photo and an early render of the walkway.

The final design is a paver walkway that extends to the end of the deck.  RumbleStone’s™ Mini Café was used because it is the same material as the retaining wall in the above pictures.  A small niche was left to allow a climbing vine to grow up the side of the lattice.

Scott Friedlund - Pathhway - Option 4 with niche

The pavers were laid on a 45° running bond and set within a border of larger material.  After finishing up, the pavers were compacted and  grouted with polymeric sand.

Once the patio was installed, polymeric sand was compacted into the joints.

The permeable section of the walkway was made with medium-diameter river rock from the Tennessee River.  The larger stones were chosen because they have a decreased tendency to wander into the lawn and they resist “rutting” from repetitive trips across the surface with the lawn tractor.  The bottom of this path was lined with a Geo-fabric to prevent the stones from migrating into the underlying soil.

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