This patio was installed near a common space between several homes. It needed to remain relatively low, in order to preserve sight-lines, and it should compliment the nearby architecture. The home’s existing patio was recessed under a cantilevered roof, and featured a gentle curve across the front. The area was wide, but not deep enough for a table and chairs. The homeowners wanted to expand the area as much as the neighborhood association would allow.

2015-07-13 16.43.27

We set to work with the association and worked out a plan that would suit the needs of the homeowners and the neighborhood. Our new design featured eight additional feet of depth, a low-profile sit wall (18″ high), and the same shallow curve of the existing patio. This increase in size doubled the square footage and provided 20 linear feet of built-in seating. The sit-wall not only provided depth and functionality, it served to minimize the amount of furniture needed.

Existing Structure - Paver Patio 1 - Callouts

Existing Structure - Paver Patio 2

The column base was achieved by removing the PVC trim and cutting masonry blocks to fit as a veneer around the bottom of the post. A paved area was added for the grill as another way to minimize clutter on the patio itself. For additional color and depth, a mulch bed was placed behind the wall for ornamental planting. The finished patio provides ample room for guests or simply having a morning cup of coffee.