Despite the best planning, people will discover better/faster/safer paths. This restaurant’s grass was showing some wear from foot traffic coming from a nearby parking lot.  When the parking lot filled, cars begin to park in the areas flanking the restaurant.  The shortest path to the door is a slightly angled approach to the existing sidewalk…which encouraged customers to step over the nearby grass.  Employees delivering special orders to the waiting zone also used stepped off the path in order to reach the customer’s window.  Naturally, a new path was the solution.

Screenshot 2016-04-09 18.17.25

It’s not hard to imagine people scurrying in front of the traffic exiting the drive-through. A larger landing offers a wider target when in a hurry.

IMG_20160307_122216_01 - Copy

The existing sidewalks were all concrete, but we wanted to use something different. It seemed a good opportunity to bring in some of the colors and textures of the restaurant itself.  Doublin Cobble by Belgard complimented the brick facade and provided contrast to the surrounding gray tones.  Now special orders can be delivered without walking through the grass and customers have a convenient new path to the parking area.