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August 4, 2019

I’ve used Ivey League for 4 years. They are detail oriented, proactive and always come when they say they will be there.

Alison Marshall

July 25, 2019

For more than five years, Ivey League Landscapes has attended to all my lawn and home exterior needs at a fair price. Ryan Ivey and his team are hardworking, meticulous landscapers who will plant gorgeous shrubbery, lay down just the right color mulch, design amazing stone walls to coordinate with your home, and take care of pretty much anything your home and/or lawn needs. I can’t tell you how many times a neighbor or someone passing by has asked about my beautiful rose and gardenia bushes, the stone walkways and flowerbeds, or the healthy green grass still growing in the middle of summer and it’s all because of Ivey League Landscapes. Also, I need to mention that Ivey League Landscapes will make every effort to accommodate special requests. For example, I needed a new chimney cap, a support beam for my front porch, and my older dog required a ramp to walk outside. Ryan and his team were able to fulfill all of those requests in a timely manner. They never let me down.

Virginia Rudd

July 18, 2019

We have been using Ivey League Landscaping for over a year now and have been very impressed with the service. Not only does Ryan and his team ensure our grass stays healthy and well groomed, but also adds anti-fungal treatments and aeration. They are professional, quick to respond and went above and beyond their list of services when we had weather damage from hurricanes that hit the area. Highly recommended!

Noah Rosales

July 18, 2019

I have been a customer of Ivey League Landscapes for almost 2 years now. Their team does an excellent job keeping my yard looking its best at all times. But they are doing more than just cutting the grass…..they have an exceptional knowledge of what types of seeds/fertilizers to spread at certain times of the year (which is key to a healthy lawn). If they spot something wrong with my lawn (fungus/brown patch/etc) they will bring it to my attention and let me decide if i want to invest in the proper products to fix it before it gets worse. Their also takes care of all my plants/mulch/pines straw in the natural areas, and its always fun to come home to a long day at work and see the beautiful work that Ivey League performed that day. My lawn always looks its best, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Hill Dickerson

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